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Friday, June 21, 2013

Computer Tuneups

Computer Tuneups
by Yaj Computers

Yaj Computers offers two computer tuneup options.

The basic tuneup includes: 

·         check antivirus (and install a free one if recommended)
·         run cleaning software
·         registry check and optimization
·         disk defragmentation
·         memory check
·         hard drive check
·         internal computer inspection
·         Windows Updates inspection and installation
·         Removal of dust from fans
·         Check for and remove unwanted programs

For seriously damaged computers, Yaj Computers recommends reloading your operating system for a like-new experience:

·         Full Data Backup and Restoration
·         Windows Reinstallation (for a like-new experience)
·         3rd-party software reinstallation (like Microsoft Office and your other programs)
·         Free / Open-Source software advisement and installation for business or home use

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