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Thursday, January 9, 2014

GLOBE BUG - GoSakto 1 Month Unli Surf

GoSakto 1 month unli surf

by using this trick you can avail a promo of 1 month unli surf, but you have 800mb limit per day.

txt GOcomboEEE1400 to 8888 

then dial, just pick one of the following.... 


wag n lng kau mag status bka mkatay, try to browse directly 
at kung hndi pwede ulitin lng o iiba ang dial code, khit sori ang reply s inyo try to browse parin para makita mo kung successful. 

PROPER TIMING: pagkapindot ng send button, w8 3 seconds then pindot the dial button, dapat mauna mawala ung message at dun pa lng sunod ung dial.. 

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