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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Adding Calendar To Your Blogger Post

A Calendar image in blog post is commonly found in wordpress blogs. But this time i'm going to show you the similar widget for blogger post.

To have the calendar shown in your post, First you need to set the time format in your blogger dashboard. 

*Preview of the calendar

Please follow the below steps  

  • Log in to Blogger.
  • Click Settings Language And Formatting (New blogger interface)
  • Set the time orderly to have the date mentioned before the year like in below image :

  • Now click Template Edit HTML > Proceed
  • Tick  Expand Widget Templates.
  • Use the Ctrl+function to find this line of codes :

  • You probably will find the above line of codes twice, If you do, REPLACE both with these codes :

  • Now find this code : 
  Copy-Paste the below codes BEFORE the
code :

  • Replace the image url with your own url. 
  • In case the calendar is incorrectly displayed, Change -108px to 0.
  • The below color codes are adjustable to your own desired colors :
color:#ffffff; /* Month's color */
color:#282828; /* Day's color */ 
color:#282828; /* Year's color */
  • Save your template.

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