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Monday, January 4, 2016

6:30 PM

Hudriks Math For Kids Lite

Hudriks Math For Kids Lite 1.0_ os 2.1 up
Colourful graphics, 3D animations and special effects will make Hudriks Math an unforgettable learning experience for your child.
The game has two sections. At the beginning you have a chance to practice counting, addition, subtraction and even multiplication and division of various levels. 
Illustrations of the basic principles of the operations will help to pass the first tasks. 
When you feel confident, you can start the story mode to help Hudriks to save the world. You will encounter different enemies and the only way to pass them is to give the right answers. However, this time every mistake reduces your chances of reach the heart of the world.
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6:29 PM

Alphabet Find

Alphabet Find 4.0.1_OS 2.2 up
As a parent, you probably are always thinking of ways to make learning fun for your child. Alphabet Find does just that. This educational app makes learning letters, numbers, and shapes a fun, interactive experience for children.
Find the Right Image
Playing is as simple as listening to the alphabet, number, or shape and then finding it in the grid of images. To play, listen and look for the given letter, number, or shape, and then find it in the grid of images. If you need a hint, wait a few seconds and the correct answer will start to bounce.
You will be amazed to see how quickly kids start recognizing images. Kids have fun earning stars on every correct answer. As they progress through the levels, they can take up timed challenges.
Make Education Fun
Keep tabs on your child's progress by checking out your child's score card. Choose from three levels of difficulty. Alphabet Find engages your child's auditory, visual, and fine motor skills. This app is a great way to help your kid develop a sense of achievement while they learn basic literacy skills.
Product Features
Develop auditory, visual, and fine motor skills
Choose from 4 different levels
Enjoy upbeat music and colorful graphics
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6:29 PM

The Big Bang Fruit

The Big Bang Fruit 2.0's Description
★ ★ ★ Game Description ★ ★ ★
The classic fruit elimination game, remember Fruit Ninja? Alternative fruit elimination game, to lead you into the world of passionate fruits, unprecedented extraordinary experience.
Gorgeous game let you forget, smooth speed of the game, you put it down, what are you waiting for, quickly download it and experience a different fruit!
★ ★ ★ Game features ★ ★ ★
1. A variety of functions props;
2. Challenges different high score;
3. Fine screen time to eliminate the different number of fruit, you will get different results props fruit
4. Combo eliminate easier to achieve high scores;
★ ★ ★ More exciting features in subsequent versions ★ ★ ★

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6:28 PM

Bark Zoo: Animal Sounds & Pics

Bark Zoo: Animal Sounds & Pics 3.1's Description
Best Animal sound and Animal education App for kids. Amazing animal sounds and pictures for toddlers and kids of any age. Educational and Entertaining. Guarantee you and your kids have a great time and leave a smile on your face! 
Amazing creatures, awesome pictures and sound. A portable animal encyclopedia and zoo! 
You'll love the Panda, bear, Lion, Orca, Beluga, Hummingbirds, and colorful tropical fish. Enjoy the animal sounds and high quality pictures. Tell a story about these animals to your kids. 
-Great selection of 64 creatures, a lots of sea creatures and birds 
-Great colorful pictures 
-Great animal sounds 
-Professionally recorded animal names 
-Educational and Entertaining 
-Swipe back and forth to see the next and previous creature and listen to the animal sound 
-Movable to SD card
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6:27 PM

Simple Math for Kids

Simple Math for Kids 2.0's Description
This mathematical app "Mathmagic" is a children's delight. Now they are not just playing with the numbers but also enjoying solving their mathematical problems. 
Just hand over the app to your kids and see them cracking their mathematical problems in an amazing way. It is a simple and entertainer mathematical app on your mobile device. 
The application has addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and what comes before, after and in between sums for them to solve as per their age and skill. 
You just hand over the mathematical app to your kids and see the magic. You will hear clapping sound and see their teething smile of success on their face when they give correct answers. 
They can click on any levels-Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 according to their age and skill. They will have problem in front of them with four options. They will calculate the sum and select the answer. If the answer is right, they will get applauds and if it is wrong, they will be buzzed X and they can try again till they get right answer.
There is no limitation to the number of mathematical problems they can solve in whatever category they choose. With more challenges and increase in complexities these little solvers move from one level to another, making this app quite engrossing. 
You can feel yourself composed with satisfaction when you see the spark in their eyes as they solve the math problems.
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6:27 PM

Baby Flash

Baby Flash Cards 1.9's Description
Categories include: Food items, Animals, Alphabet, Transportation, Numbers, Colors & Shapes, Clothing, Household items, Body Parts, Outdoor items, Music Instruments/Arts & Learning. 
? Over 200,000 downloads of iOS version of this app!
? Kids tested - they love it! Parents tested - they love it! 
? Building vocabulary has never been so much fun 
? 11 Categories - All in 1 App! 
? Large words and letters 
? Large icons and buttons 
? Professional voiceovers recorded in production studio 
? High quality images 
? Real sounds where applicable 
? Question mode...
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6:27 PM

Kids Mania-ABC Letters-KidsZoo 1.2

Kids Mania-ABC Letters-KidsZoo 1.2's Description
"If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn". (lgnacio listrada)
So why not you try this app "Kids Mania" to teach your kids. This application is designed by keeping in mind following aspects like kids interest, kids mental strength. Graphics are designed in such way that kids show more interest to learn things. You can say "Kids Mania" just not app but also a teacher in your palm. A very cool and learning app for Android Phones.
Application is divided into Six Sections:
1. Learning A-B-C Letters
2. Maths Section
3. Learning Birds Names
4. Learning Animal Names
5. Learning Parts of Body
6. General Knowledge
* In A-B-C section current view is divided into two parts;
LOWER part contains alphabet and UPPER part contains corresponding image. On tapping the Upper and Lower parts their corresponding sounds are generated. By swiping on screen left and right you can move forward and backward. This feature is very power full for kids to learn A-B-C alphabets.
* The same feature is for Learning Birds names, Animals names, and Parts of Body.
* When you tap on MATHS button a view will appear that contain also sections with following;
1. Counting

2. Plus questions
3. Minus Questions
4. Divisions Questions
5. Subtraction Questions
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6:26 PM

Sing Sing Together Free 2.3

Sing Sing Together Free 2.3's Description
[Sing Sing Together Free]
- Days of the Week
- Eensy Weensy Spider
- Good-bye 
- Head and Shoulders
- Hello 
- Here We Go round the Mulberry Bush
Sing Sing Together has the following features: 
1. Make English amusing to first time learners
2. Provide opportunity to practice listening and reading 
sills through many songs and rhythmic actions 
3. For first time preschool and elematary school aged 
English learners
4. For English learners who need various activities
including chants and songs...
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6:25 PM

Kids Learning Tool 1.2.2's Description

Kids Learning Tool 1.2.2's DescriptionKids Learning Tool is a comprehensive app that provides and helps kids to get early learning alphabet, number, color, shape, fruit, veges and animal.
This app also provides illustration as well as it is also eqquiped clear pronunciation and animal sound.
- Clear pronunciation
- Alphabet A - Z
- Number 0 - 20
- 12 Colors
- 18 Shapes
- 25 Fruit & Veges
- 39 Animals with each animal sound
- Support large screen resolution device such as tablet (see on youtube video below)
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6:25 PM

Pairs: a Memory Game 1.6's Description OS 2.2 up

Pairs: a Memory Game 1.6's Description OS 2.2 up
Find the matching pairs. Train your memory! Improve your observation capacities!
The easiest level with the letters, makes this app a great educational game to help kids to learn the alphabet.
This game is also known as Concentration, Memory, Pelmanism, Shinkei-suijaku, Pexeso or Pairs.
REcent changes:
bug fix
Content rating: Everyone
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6:24 PM

Kids 3D Cube 1.1 os 2.2.3 up

Kids 3D Cube 1.1 os 2.2.3 up

Discover the most innovative puzzle game for kids! An educative set of puzzle games for your most beloved (from 0+) that will increase their 3D space awareness, maths and logic knowledge.
Join millions of other kids around the world that are already playing Kids 3D Cube! For FREE!
Recent changes:
* New DLC content available: New game modes, Learning To Sum and Find Them All can be activated inside the app.
- Support for android 2.3.2
- Some minor improvements with textures and speed
- Hidden objects are now shown in a separate scene.
- Minipet was not working in +0 game mode
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6:23 PM

Color Me: Nemo 1.0.1 OS 1.6 up

Color Me: Nemo 1.0.1 OS 1.6 up
Super coloring! Paint the world! 
This is a funny coloring game! 
Just make full use of your fancy imagination and have fun! 
Click a color button on the top of the screen. Then click the part of the picture you would like to make that color. 
- Friendly user interface; 
- Save to SD card; 
- Set as your wallpaper.
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6:23 PM

Baby Coloring HD: Bratz 1.6 OS 1.6 up

Baby Coloring HD: Bratz 1.6 OS 1.6 up
The best digital coloring book for kids! 
This coloring game provides children an interesting way to learn. By playing with the coloring games, a child will study mathematics without even noticing, he will learn to recognize colors, materials. 

A cute animals, objects, interesting animations, can fully attract the child's attention; and succeed in the purpose of learning through playing, and playing while learning. 

The interface of this coloring game is designed specifically for kids, taking in full account the operation of small hands; The application includes also written and vocal sound prompts as guidance, to ensure that all the learning points are clear, and easier to understand. 

Click a color button on the top of the screen. Then click the part of the picture you would like to color. 
Open up My Coloring Book and introduce your kids to the coloring book that is better than the real thing! 

✓ Freestyle drawing so kids can unleash their creativity! 
✓ Auto-fill coloring option so kids can just tap the screen to automatically fill in colors! It's so easy, even the youngest child can enjoy a creative coloring experience! 
✓ 36 vibrant colors to choose from, so your kids can fully express their artistic side! 
✓ 200 free high quality drawings to get you started with more available as downloads. 
✓ Share with your friends. 
✓ Save image to your SD-Card
✓ Set image as your wallpaper;
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6:22 PM

Connect the Dots & Color Lite 1.2 OS 2.1 up

Connect the Dots & Color Lite 1.2 OS 2.1 up
Starting from an alphabet, kids connect the dots to reveal the outline of a picture. With Connect the Dots & Color all children are artists. Children then finger paint the picture to discover the outline turns into a painting with vibrant colors. 
Your child will be introduced to alphabets and numbers through the magical experience of creating something beautiful. 
Creative moments captured
“Daddy daddy … there is a D in the airplane”
“Mommy the 7 turned into a birdie …”
“Daddy daddy … look look look what I painted”
“Its a elephant!“

What your child will learn

Recognize uppercase alphabets A-Z
Recognize lowercase alphabets a-z
Recognize numbers 1-10
Understand numbers in sequence 1-10
Practice fine motor skills while painting

This application is enjoyed by toddlers, children in preschool and kindergarten

This application is optimized for the tablet. All images are rendered in High Definition

The lite edition comes with a limited set of alphabets and numbers. Please by the full edition for all the uppercase alphabets, lower case alphabets and numbers.
Recent changes:
Small case letters now available
Beautiful backgrounds added
Content rating: Everyone
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6:22 PM

HD Digital Coloring Sheets Adscenter V1.6 os 1.6 UP

HD Digital Coloring Sheets Adscenter V1.6 os 1.6 UP
Wonderful coloring game for kids!
HD Coloring Book or HD Coloring Sheet is a fun coloring activity for all ages. It has a variety of bright colors to use and show off your creativity. It will keep your children busy with a positive activity that fits right into the palm of their hand. You won't have to worry about them crying over crayons or books that they have dropped and cannot reach. The touch sensitive screen is easy to pick up and play for both kids and adults. This is one Android/Tablet app the whole family will be sure to enjoy. 
✓ 27 hand drawn pictures to color 
✓ Works on all Android versions
✓ Help children develop hand-eye coordination 
✓ Save pictures to Photos library for easy sharing or to use as wallpaper 
✓ Automatically saves works in progress 
✓ Easy to clear coloring page and start over 
✓ Zoom in and Zoom out feature makes it easy to color smaller areas 
✓ Kid tested
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6:20 PM

Toys Kid Musical 3D v1.0_OS 2.0.1 up

Toys Kid Musical 3D v1.0_OS 2.0.1 up
Encourage your child to get in touch with music with this full 3D game!
Everyone will be excited by the color and brightness, with exquisite instruments.
The todler can follow the music, create different types of rhythms and mix amazing sounds.
Following the small dance steps of the Monkey King and his girlfriend in 3D.

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6:20 PM

Funny Dots - ABC 1.39 OS 2.1 up

Funny Dots - ABC 1.39 OS 2.1 up
ABC flash card for kids. Fun and colorfull application to keep your children engaged, learn english alphabet and build motor skills. Join the dots in the color of your choice to draw different letters. Draws as you move the finger! This application has collection of pictures with all English letters to draw and additional illustrations with visualization and puzzle to solve. All pictures accompanied with appropriated sounds!
Tags: kids, children, ABC, English, learn, finger paint, draw, connect dots, puzzle, jigsaw, letters, alphabet, motor skills, flashcard
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