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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Prezi Pro v6.12.1.0

Prezi Pro v6.12.1.0 

Many software to deliver content in the fields of education, business and conferences are using practices based slide to slide. Presentation slide to slide, as is done in PowerPoint software can be very frustrating as a simple linear process follows. Especially if Bashndv slide design irregular size, color and animating not set content items as well! PowerPoint slide to the method or tufted One of the biggest problems, loss of whole subject (field), that is, your audience may easily clue Entries lose and be exhausted much sooner than you think. If I ever have had presentations you look at your audience, you will no doubt have understood Khstgyby shuffled them.

Prezi is a Flash-based presentation software (Flash-based) that allows you to build a dynamic and interactive presentations and ZuiPrezi Institute in Budapest, Hungary, is made. The biggest difference with other software Prezi slideshow made by moving the camera, rather than wrote. Prezi based on the layout map (Map Layout) is, as a large white board (Canvas) available to you and gives you everything you want to submit (text and illustration to animation and video and audio) put inside the frame and then define the content items can implicitly create an animation. After completing your project, you can format it with Flash (swf) or executable format (exe) download.

A key feature of the software Prezi:
- Run slides for offline without the need for any software (the export exe)
whatever the image magnification (zoom) from the edges of the image quality and other components of the plan will not relent.
The user is assigned)
- The possibility of making educational films, promoting the product
- The design is very simple and light
- Compatible with different versions of Windows
- And ...

Prezi Desktop is a comprehensive and practical software solution whose main purpose is to help users create stunning presentations effortlessly.

The application enables you to store your customized presentations both locally and online into your account by uploading them and accessing them remotely whenever you want.

Before actually using the application, you need to choose the template you like most, then insert images, shapes, symbols, YouTube videos and specific files so you can personalize the presentation as you prefer.

The differences between Prezi and other applications that help you to create interesting presentations is that you can export your work to PDF format or as a portable app and run the presentation without the need of Prezi installed.

By using Prezi Desktop you have the possibility to add object animations, change the order between slides and modify the theme as you wish.

Also, you are able to create and store prezis securely on your computer, USB drive or local network so you can easily share them with your friends and colleagues.

Prezi Desktop allows you to communicate design ideas, strategies and concepts in a highly engaging and dynamic way because it brings motion and flexibility to the art of the presentation.

Moreover, because of its complexity and features that Prezi Desktop comes with, it can be used in schools and in companies as well. Teachers have the task of conveying complex ideas in a short amount of time, but here Prezi Desktop comes in handy. You have the possibility to create connections between various topics, without losing the main idea and your students’ focus.

With the help of Prezi Desktop, your presentations can be as interesting as your organization’s cause and enable you to present new ideas in an intuitive and interactive environment.

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Installation guide

1. Create muna kayo ng account sa
2. Turn off/unplug/disconnect your internet. Disable nyo na din yung Anti-virus nyo.
3. Extract nyo lang yung Rar File, using the password see attached file.
4. Install the software. After intallation do not Launch the Application.
5. PreziNext.Windows.Core.dll file from the folder where you installed the software Cracked File Copy and replace the existing item.
Click image for larger version. 

Name: 1.PNG 
Views: 321 
Size: 175.1 KB 
ID: 1145643
Click image for larger version. 

Name: 2.PNG 
Views: 349 
Size: 270.7 KB 
ID: 1145644
Click image for larger version. 

Name: 3.PNG 
Views: 322 
Size: 1.92 MB 
ID: 1145645
6. The application continues to run as Run as Administrator and your username and password to enter the site

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Download links for v6.16.2.0

Download - 413 MB 

Download Crack File Only - Crack File Only 


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video tutorials

Lynda - Prezi Essential Training
Course Download
Exercise Download

Up and Running with Prezi
Course Download

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