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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

notepad and beginning html

In these tutorial series I assume that you are a complete noob or that you have seen my other tutorials! These should be somewhat easy, but if you have a question just ask!

In this tutorial I'll show you where to download Notepad++ and how to use, header, paragraph, link, and image tags.

Put this in your text editor:


As you can notice, the tags are all lowercase; right now it don't matter if you do uppercase or lowercase for in my next tutorial I'll introduce you to

. All the elements that you want the visitor of your website to see will be in the

Header tags go from

. You may not think these are important, but when we make a WordPress theme they will be . Here is the code I used:

Hello Youtube

Hello Youtube

Hello Youtube

When you display that in your web browser you should notice that the text is bold and the font is huge; you should also notice how the font size decrease as the header number increases. You can now assume that
is the smallest.

defines a paragraph. There is a lot of styling you can do with paragraphs that I will show you when I start the CSS tutorial series. Here is the code I used in the video:
This is an example of a paragraph.

There really isn't much to explain about the paragraph right now.
When we begin creating full fledged websites we will be using links to create magnificent navigation bars. Links may be a little tricky to remember because they don't have one letter or one number for the syntax. Here is the code that I used in the video:

When you deploy that in your web browser you will notice that the font color is blue, it's underlined blue, and that if you click on it you will be at YouTube. Then if you go back to the file the text and underline will probably be purple. This looks rather ugly, but we shall make it look beautiful when we finish CSS.
Images are very similar to the links. I try to use a photo from Newegg, which I fail to do. lol. Here is the code I used in the video for images:

You begin by declaring an image. You then declare the source of the image and give the URL. You then declare the height and width of the image. It's in pixels.

I hope you liked my tutorial. If you have any suggestions or questions leave a comment! 

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